The art and science of combining design, planning and construction to create buildings and other structures. At SP Architects we take this philosophy and apply our experience and knowledge, study how the users interact with structure and the environment, then create architecture that will stand the test of time, fit the desired use, and be inspiring and beautiful.

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SP Architects spends time identifying the unique assets of the client and turning them into material branding elements this is an essential part of designing a building or structure that will enhance a company's brand recognition. Whether the client has one facility or a numerous facilities creating an architectural environment that includes these elements can increase sales and productivity, produce higher customer recognition / satisfaction and better illustrate the company's core values.


SP Architects works with the client to identify the issues and help establish their goals while assisting in collecting data. Once these items are complete a plan will be prepared and alternatives will be evaluated.

With our expertise and this process the client is given a study that will clearly define the possibilities for their project and or site.

Preservation and Reuse

Preservation of historic buildings has been growing increasingly important in defining a civic sense of place, conserving urban neighbourhoods, and in elevating the publics understanding of our architectural history.

SP Architects believes preservation should restore the past and it should also prepare a building for the future. In order for a building to have longevity for generations to come it needs to meet tomorrow's standards.

SP Architects has completed rehabilitation of significant historic buildings and adaptive reuse projects not in the historic realm.