Our Core Values listed below are the standards that we hold ourselves to. These are the fundamentals that we continue to build our firm on.


What makes us different? Rather than simply drawing buildings or interiors we design strategic solutions to meet the business objectives of our clients. In order to provide the best operational solution, we must first understand the corporate culture and the objectives of our clients. We subsequently translate these objectives into a concise concept that gives direction to the project and surrounding issues. Only then can we produce a cost-effective, thoughtful design that meets the needs and mission of our client.


Many firms are organized using a departmental delivery approach. The principal in charge and sales team virtually disappear once the contract is won. The job then goes to separate programmers and designers after which it is passed on to a separate team to prepare the technical documents and yet to another cast of characters during the construction phase. SP Architects uses an approach that creates a team who stays with the project from start to finish. We feel that this approach produces better projects and minimizes the chance of error along the way. The team we are proposing will be with you throughout the entire process. We will, of course, add help along the way as other architects and draftsmen join the team to support our efforts to make the job flow quickly and meet all deadlines.


SP Architects will continue to stay up to date with new breakthroughs in the architectural world.  We take pride in the fact that everyone at SP is involved in regular training and information sessions, keeping us equipped with the very latest architectural methods and design options available.


We consciously design buildings to reduce negative environmental impact by increasing efficiency and decreasing the use of materials, energy, and space.  Most importantly, our idea of sustainability is to make certain that our architectural designs of today have minimal negative impact on future generations.

Social Commitment

SP Architects is dedicated to help improve society. Design is a big part of how people and business interact with the environment.  We make every effort to understand our clients’ needs as they relate to society and strive to design projects that improve their culture and the environment.

We are also proud to donate our time to local non-profit organizations that would otherwise not be able to complete their projects.